date stamps band style

Date Stamps Band Style come in a  wide range of type sizes starting from 3mm. These stamps are hand held and are used with a separate stamp pad. Stamp pads come in Black, Blue, Red, Green and Violet. Other colours are available upon request.If the date stamp you need is not on our sample page contact us to see if we can custom make to suit your requirements.

If you need to stamp the date on to a glossy surface, we can provide you with a dry stamp pad and a bottle of quick drying ink.  Our quick drying ink can be used on glass, plastic, metal and glossy paper.  Great care needs to be taken when using the quick drying ink. You only need to put enough ink onto the pad to cover the area of the date.  The ink dries by evaporation so inking the whole pad would be a complete waste of ink.  The ink dries out very quickly therefore keep the lid on the pad when not in use. A few drops of methylated spirits can be placed on to the inked area of the pad if it dries out too much.

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