Metal Self Inking Die Plate Daters


We have a wide range of Metal Self Inking Die Plate Daters for when a sturdier machine is required.These are an excellent choice for business use.
Self inking rubber stamps are quick and easy to use and can be re-inked when needed. These machines are a lot taller and heavier to use than the normal Printer range. They are a much stronger machine and are highly recommended for high volume useage.
On the attached pdf A. represents the whole stamp including the rubber die and ink pad.
B. represents the rubber die only. This applies if you have an existing machine and you need to change the information on the stamp.
C. represents the ink pad inside the machine. When your impression is getting faint then you will need to replace the ink pad. When you buy a rubber die (B)you will need to purchase a new ink pad to ensure maximum results from your stamp.

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