Personalised Teacher Stamps Australia

Personalised Teacher Stamps Australia

Themed Personalised Teacher Stamps Australia are now available. Our inspiration is to make learning more fun!!

This new self-inking range comes in several different sizes making sure that there is a stamp to suit your marking needs. 

The themed characters add a bit of fun when delivering your message or instructions to your students. 

The product description area includes the options that are included in each stamp.

Self Assessment stamps come in larger sizes. These are a great tool in encouraging the children to analyse their own work and promote autonomous learning. 

Customised and Non personalised stamps are included in all themes.

Self inking rubber stamps are quick and easy to use and can be re-inked when needed. Contact us if you are unsure of the options available on any particular stamp and we will make sure the stamp suits your needs.

Price Graphics Stamps is our new website that we decided to dedicate to our Personalised Teacher Stamps .Click on this link to be re-directed  to that site or alternatively you can click on the categories below. Hover your mouse over each picture to see what category they represent :


Click here to see a few samples of school office stamps.

To place an order online follow the links and complete. To obtain a quote for your self inking rubber stamp please email us from the link below.

Alternatively you can print out the order form and fax or email us.