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JP Stamp ACT Affidavit.

Typical wording for the JP Stamp ACT Affidavit stamp is as follows. This is the annexure marked ” ” referred to in the affidavit of (space for declarant’s name). Sworn/declared before me at (room for date and signature). Alternatively – This is the annexure marked ” ” referred to in the Statutory Declaration of (space for declarant’s name). Sworn/affirmed (space for date and signature)

Available in Black, Blue or Red ink.

Time Saving

Stamps are an invaluable time saving tool when it comes to witnessing and signing documents. All you need to do is stamp and sign for witnessing documents, affidavits and statutory declarations. Most of the stamps have your Justice of the Peace name and registration number.

No matter which state you live in, our stamps meet the legal requirements necessary to validate the documents you need to witness and sign.


To ensure you get the maximum number of impressions from your JP Stamp ACT Affidavit self inking stamp we recommend that the stamp not be exposed to strong sunlight or heat. This will result in the ink pad drying our more quickly. Re-inking your stamp is easy as can supply you with either a new pad or a bottle of ink to refill your existing pad. You should get between 5000 and 7000 impressions before you need to re-ink. Use of the correct ink is very important as the wrong ink can affect the life of the stamp.

Quality Product and years of experience

You can be assured that we are providing a good product as we stick to the brand we know to be of the highest quality.

Don’t Write It…..Rubber Stamp It! This has been our slogan for the past 35 years but we added another one that is particularly relevant to the duties of a Justice of the Peace….Stamp and Sign…..Save Time! This is where our stamps can save a bit of writing and time.

Manufacture Onsite

We manufacture our JP Stamp ACT Affidavit self inking stamps onsite and we can offer great prices and a fast efficient service.

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