Automatic Numbering Stamps


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Automatic Numbering Stamps have several functions they can perform and it depends on your needs as to which one you purchase.


Six forward functions.  The stamp has 6 numbering wheels and included in the package is one bottle of ink, a spare pad and a stylus for changing the numbers on the machine.


These machines have several options and actions ranging from 5 wheels to 12.


The automatic numbering stamps are constructed from metal making it a heavy duty numbering stamp which is very sturdy and durable. 


The numbers measure 4.5mm in height. 

You can set the automatic numbering stamps to 0 and it will perform repeat actions of the same number. Setting the dial to 1 will tell the machine stamp to stamp consecutively. The No. 2 setting stamps duplicates, No. 3 triplicates, No. 4 quadruplicate. Some machines goes up to 12 repeats depending on which machine you get.


Each machine comes with a spare pad, a stylus for moving or resetting the number wheels and a bottle of ink. 


Use only oil-based ink in this machine to prevent the rusting of the wheels and to ensure a smooth action. If a water-based ink is applied the machine is more likely to lock up due to lack of lubrication.  

Re-ink the Automatic Numberer when the ink starts to fade. Simply add a few drops on ink on to the pad. Wait for the ink to absorb and if you need more then repeat the process. 

Failure to re-ink the automatic numbering stamps with the correct ink will cause the metal wheels to rust therefore reducing the life of the machine.

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