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    Loyalty Stamps are a great idea for businesses looking to streamline their loyalty program process. Businesses across various industries use loyalty cards and stamps to encourage repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty. These stamps typically have the business logo or a unique design that represents the brand, making them instantly recognisable to customers.

    These stamps are commonly supplied to Coffee shops, Cafes, Sandwich Shops, Fast Food, Retail Stores, Beauty Salons and Spas, Gyms and Fitness Centres and Bakeries just to name a few.
    Whether you are offering a free cup of coffee or a percentage discount off the next purchase, these stamps make it easy to promote your brand and retain your customers business.

    The stamps are available in a round or square stamp.  Black, Red, Blue, Purple and Green are the  5 standard coloured inks available, but can also supply Orange, Brown, Pink, Turquoise.  The standard colours are the best ones to use as they create more of a contrast when stamped. 

    The Image area of the square stamp is 10 x 10mm. The circular stamp has a diametre of 10mm.
    Simply upload your logo or image or write the text in the area supplied. If you are uploading a file it need to be a black and white image with a minimum of 300 dpi. An eps or svg file is preferable, but a png, pdf or jpg may be suitable.

    They are convenient for both customers and businesses, as they elimate the need for separate ink pads and ensure consistent stamping quality.


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