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Stamp your Common Seal on official company documents.
Company Seals are also used for Strata Title and Body Corporate
paper work.
Sizes Of Common Seal Stamps
Common Seal stamps are  38mm in diameter. They are available as a Self Inking, Folding Stamp or Traditional Hand Stamp.
No. 7 is 48mm in diameter and not available as a folding common seal.
Re-Inking Your Stamp
Self- inking stamps are quick and easy to use and can be re-inked when needed. It is also very important to use the correct ink when re-inking your stamps.
Incorrect ink could affect the rubber therefore resulting in the image becoming distorted. Another pitfall of using incorrect ink results in the rubber falling off the stamp mount. Correct ink usage is relevant for the Traditional and Folding Common Seal stamp pads as well.  Water based ink ensures you get optimum use of your stamp.
Folding Common Seals have a handle that folds down to lie flat on top of the stamp mount.  This folding handle makes them easy to store by taking up much less space.
Pads and Ink
Stamp pads for the Traditional Hand Stamp Common Seals are also available. Refer to our Pads and Inks page for prices and sizes.
Turnaround For Your Stamp
Our normal turnaround is one to two business days. Urgent  orders are available. We have an emergency service for urgent seals but an extra surcharge will apply.
Proofing Your Common Seal Stamps
Designing your own Common Seal is another option rather than using one of our templates.  Email or fax your artwork to us.  A proof will provided before going ahead with the order.
Information required
To produce the Common Seal we need both the Business name and the ACN or ABN.
Strata Title Common Seals The Strata Number is needed as we have standard wording before the Strata Title Number.
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